How to Choose the Right LED lights for Trucks


How would you like the lights of your trucks light up in the dark? These days, more headlights make use of LED, because they are reputed to be brighter compared to standard. However, there are other drivers that are not fond of using LED because it can be quite painful to the eyes, especially when it meets other drivers face to face. What you want to discern here, especially when you are considering LED Off-road Lights for trucks is to find out what you need for it and how much it can light up. 

To help you get through this, you need to think about the beam pattern that you want your LED lights to look like. Below are three different beam patterns available in the market today, and each is described to which they are best suited to be used for.


The spotlight beam pattern is widely known to emit a long-reaching and narrow light beam. Just imagine a search light used in the lighthouse, but the spotlight used for cars is not as focused. Most of the time, the light’s angle of the spotlight produces about like 30 degrees. In most driving cases, using the spotlight is the best one.

The reason is because its light has a very long reach and is able to illuminate objects really well before your truck ever reaches them. This will make you get alerted right away when you find a potential hazard right in front of you. You can avoid it as earlier as you can as well.


This floodlight beam pattern is the opposite of the one above. It emits a wide and all-encompassing light. However, the distance that it can cover is shorter than that of the spotlight. The light being produced by this pattern comes with an angle of 120 degrees. This shows a very big difference from the spotlight that is capable of emitting a narrower angle of 30 degrees.

Seeing the capabilities of the floodlights does seem like it is not a good option to have for your vehicle. It is not even advisable to have this beam pattern in normal driving cases. However, there are certain situations wherein the floodlights are a good deal.

The first is it is good for off road driving, especially in rough terrain. Since you will not be driving at high speeds, using a long illumination is not that important. Floodlights are capable of illuminating potential hazards such as fallen limbs, rocks, or deep holes that might be at the side of the road or that in front of you. This ability can’t be done by the spotlight.


Naturally, this is the combination of the spotlight and the floodlight. Having this sort of beam pattern equipped with your truck makes it the most popular choice among truck or vehicle owners in general.