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Free VCE & PDF File for Microsoft 74-678 Real Exam Quetsions(1-30)

After opening a case with the Hitachi Data Systems technical support center, you have been asked to collect error information. How do you send the collected data to the technical support center?
A. Upload to ftp://ftp.hds.com.
B. Upload to https://tuf.hds.com.
C. Upload to http://www.hds.com.
D. Send an email to [email protected]
74-678 exam Answer: B

What are three valid license key types on Hitachi Enterprise storage systems? (Choose three.)
A. emergency
B. temporary
C. term
D. primary
E. secondary
Answer: A,B,C

You are installing Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) in an environment where port 162 is in use by another application. The network administrator has instructed you to configure HGLM to use port 182 for SNMP instead. Which file is used to configure this port?
A. server.properties
B. account.settings
C. hglm.port.config
D. host.properties
74-678 dumps Answer: A

A customer has virtualized both Clariion CX4 and USP V arrays in their data center behind a new VSP array. Within the VSP, they want to remove one of the virtualized LDEVs from the Clariion CX4. Which Universal Volume Manager wizard should be used?
A. Device Manager Wizard
B. Delete External Volumes Wizard
C. Disconnect Third-Party Devices Wizard
D. Edit External WWNs Wizard
Answer: B

What are three functions of the SSVP on a VSP? (Choose three.)
A. control of the DKC fans
B. monitoring of the environment
C. update of the SSW microcode
D. control of the cache boards battery charge
E. control of the power sequence of the entire system
74-678 pdf Answer: A,B,E

What can the “raidcom” command on the VSP be used for?
A. storage provisioning
B. preparing parts replacement
C. collecting performance data
D. setting up HiTrack communication
Answer: A

Which two components are part of the VSP HiStar-E architecture? (Choose two.)
74-678 vce Answer: A,B

Which step must be performed when preparing for Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning operations?
A. Create Pool Vol LDEVs.
B. Map Pool Vol LDEVs to FED ports.
C. Cross-link the mapping tables.
D. Create a CLPR for pool LDEVs.
Answer: A

You have replaced a part on a VSP. What are three mandatory steps to complete your maintenance task? (Choose three.)
A. Complete the “Last maintenance” form inside the DKC door.
B. Complete the corresponding SIM(s).
C. Reboot the SVP to renew the configuration.
D. Check the maintenance screen for any blinking parts.
E. Set the SVP application back to View Mode.
74-678 exam Answer: B,D,E

What are two benefits of using Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP)? (Choose two.)
A. HDP improves performance by dynamically balancing I/Os across CLPRs.
B. HDP improves performance by spreading host I/O patterns across many physical disks.
C. HDP places cache memory in a central pool available only to dynamically provisioned volumes.
D. HDP allows for dynamically adding more physical storage to the volume when an application requires extra capacity.
Answer: B,D

To what does the SSW HP0 of a VSP HDU box connect to?
A. Cluster 1
B. Cluster 2
74-678 dumps Answer: A

A customer is using a Hitachi Enterprise storage system with clustered servers in an active/passive relationship. What must be done in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) to ensure that the status of inactive paths on both passive and active nodes is monitored regularly?
A. Switch on Auto Failback.
B. Switch on Path Health Check.
C. Set the reservation level to 2.
D. Set up Intermittent Error Monitoring.
Answer: B

What are two prerequisites for virtualizing volumes on a VSP? (Choose two.)
A. Shared memory must be reserved for external storage operations.
B. The external storage system must be connected to one or more external ports of the VSP.
C. A CLPR must be created for the external storage.
D. The Universal Volume Manager license must be installed in the VSP.
74-678 pdf Answer: B,D

A customer is deploying a new database that will have weekly hot spots requiring higher levels of performance. Which two features of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering would help them? (Choose two.)
A. thick provisioning
B. 36 MB pages
C. wide striping
D. multi-tier pools
Answer: C,D

A customer wants to know how to use the audit log for Storage Navigator. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The audit log is stored in the Web Console.
B. The audit log can be accessed from Storage Navigator.
C. The audit log is only viewable by the root user.
D. The audit log can be downloaded for offline viewing.
74-678 vce Answer: B,D

An application running on a Windows server connected to a Hitachi Enterprise storage system with two paths is generating mostly sequential I/O. Which algorithm should be set in Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on that server?
A. Least Blocks
B. Round Robin
C. Sequential Blocks
D. Extended Least I/Os
Answer: D

Which three operations are allowed after activating LUN security on a VSP Fibre Channel (FC) port? (Choose three.)
A. Add multiple WWNs to one Host Group.
B. Add a LDEV to two different Host Groups on the same FC port.
C. Create a Host Group with two different Host connection modes.
D. Add the same WWN to two different Host Groups on the same FC port.
E. Create host groups with different Host connection modes on the same FC port.
74-678 exam Answer: A,B,E

Your customer wants to connect multiple servers with different operating systems to the same port on a VSP. What is the first step when configuring the port?
A. Map a LUN.
B. Register a WWPN.
C. Enable Port Security.
D. Create a Host Group.
Answer: C

You are installing a new VSP into your customer’s SAN environment. How are the Fibre Channel topology settings adjusted?
A. using the SVP “Maintenance” screen
B. using the Storage Navigator “Port” screen
C. using the jumper block on the VSP Channel Adapter
D. automatically by the SVP
74-678 dumps Answer: B

Which two statements about LU Size Expansion (LUSE) are true for a Hitachi VSP system? (Choose two.)
A. LUSE volumes can reside on external storage.
B. You can make a LUSE from LDEVs on different CUs.
C. You can only make a LUSE when LDEVs are the same size.
D. You can make a LUSE from LDEVs of different emulation type.
Answer: A,B

A customer is using the Hitachi Command Suite for their VSP environment. Which tab in the GUI provides the Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager volume migration functionality?
A. the Analytics tab
B. the Mobility tab
C. the Migrator tab
D. the Tiering tab
74-678 pdf Answer: B

A customer wants to suppress page migration for a certain Hitachi Dynamic Tiering volume on a VSP. How can this be done?
A. by setting Multi-Tier Pool to Disable
B. by setting Tier Management to Auto
C. by setting Tier Relocation to Disable
D. by setting the Cycle Time to 24 hours
Answer: C

Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) has been configured on a Solaris 10 server with 10 LUNs across two paths. You want to verify the number of LUNs and the path assignments. Which command would you use?
A. dlnkmgr check -path
B. dlnkmgr view -path -c
C. dlnkmgr disp -lun -path
D. dlnkmgr show -stinfo -t
74-678 vce Answer: B

You want to create a list of ports and WWNs for a newly installed VSP. No LUNs have been mapped on the VSP. What should you use to obtain this information?
A. raidscan -p
B. raidcom get port
C. HORCM port info
D. auport get info
Answer: B

A storage administrator would like to connect 10 hosts into the same FC ports of a VSP. They are concerned that one host with high I/Os will impact the other hosts on the same FC ports. Which HBA parameter should be set to limit the number of outstanding I/Os on each host?
A. queue depth
B. command length
C. command depth
D. queue length
74-678 exam Answer: A

Which two actions must be performed when planning an online microcode exchange on a VSP? (Choose two.)
A. Force production host data paths to failover to the alternate cluster.
B. Confirm that all LUNs, external storage and remote replication links have paths across both clusters.
C. Save the contents of the shared memory to the SVP hard disk.
D. Ensure that the microprocessors are less than 50 percent busy.
Answer: B,D

Which three actions can be performed with Storage Navigator? (Choose three.)
A. Perform a microcode upgrade.
B. Create Host Groups.
C. Configure LUN security.
D. Change port attributes.
E. Set System Option Modes.
74-678 dumps Answer: B,C,D

What are two effects of persistent binding? (Choose two.)
A. Persistent binding can speed up path failover.
B. Persistent binding guarantees Command Device security.
C. Persistent binding can speed up the server boot process.
D. Persistent binding guarantees that target assignments are preserved between reboots.
Answer: C,D

In which two situations would you use the VSP New Installation procedure at a customer site? (Choose two.)
A. when adding another set of CHAs
B. when adding a second DKC to an existing system
C. when performing major changes in RAID structures, emulation and/or LDEV configuration
D. if instructed to do so by the Hitachi Global Support
74-678 pdf Answer: C,D

A customer has virtualized a USP behind a VSP. Which two actions can be performed by Universal Volume Manager? (Choose two.)
A. configure load balancing by path group
B. set the cache mode for the external volumes
C. migrate USP volumes to the VSP
D. expand external volumes
Answer: A,B
74-678 dumps
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